Nat Geo Cruise Polycarbonate hard luggage set

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Beautiful light and strong three-piece Nat Geo Cruise suitcase set made of high quality Polycarbonate, consisting of a large suitcase L (78 cm), a medium size M (67 cm) and a small size S (55 cm) that is allowed on board by most airlines. The cases come with a fully integrated, lockable, aluminum trolley system. Four double spinner wheels, they have a practical drag and side handle and also a handle at the bottom for example. to facilitate storage in the luggage compartment of the car. They are fully lined inside, have a divider, inner bags and strap straps. They have a TSA combination lock that is specially adapted for your trips to the United States. For security reasons, US customs can open your suitcase with an official key without damaging it.

3 year  warranty