About luggage and bag store

The luggage and bag store is a subsidiary of JJ&C Investments Ltd and is better known through its subsidiaries such as 'Navigator Multibrand Distribution'. It all started in Belgium in the 1980's. JJ&C Investments is currently experiencing a strong growth in its manufacturing of luggage and bags for the global market, following its set up of an international structure and the extension of the brand portfolio with licensed products within the categories of travel goods, bags and accessories (products like trolleys, suitcases, travel bags, backpacks, sports bags, handbags, fashion bags, school bags and other smaller leather articles such as belts and wallets).

Luggage and bag store is based in Hong Kong, owned and managed by a team of European professionals, and relies strongly on the company owned organisation of 8 affiliates across the world and also on a large, global network of distributors and sales partners. Therefore luggage and bag store is able to cover all levels of distribution from the lower tier up to the high end distribution levels within the travel goods, accessories and bags retail environment.

Luggage and bag store owes its success to the outstanding internal co-operation between its multicultural groups of highly skilled engineers, designers and marketing/sales representatives. Similar arrangements exist within all our worldwide subsidiaries, contributing daily to upholding the Group's reputation.

Design, production and distribution of travel - and leisure products to a varied customer base including hypermarkets, supermarkets, cash & carry wholesalers, importers for large stores or buying groups, B2B, fashion - and sports retailers, mail order catalogues, internet retailers and traditional bags - and luggage stores; this is our CORE BUSINESS.