Something interesting to know about luggage constructions.

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Something interesting to know about luggage constructions.

Advantages and limits of light luggage. In the past 20-30 years ago, most luggage, soft or hard was made with a construction frame inside. These frames over the years have been made out of different materials. There have been twin lock cases which had a card board frame, others had a aluminum frame or had both. Zipper cases originally had a steel frame, later some were made with plastic frame. Hard cases were also mostly made with Aluminum frame. However today, generally for reasons of saving weight frames have nearly totally disappeared out of luggage, whether it is soft or hard luggage. Most cases sold in all rice categories today are zipped and that lead to huge weight savings...and remarkably enough, all that lighter luggage lasts longer than the heavier framed cases used to do. In fact soft or hard zipped cases made of good woven textiles or good shock-resistant plastics tend to behave like a bag, give in and return back in original position afterwards, rather than breaking. A zipped hard case today can be lighter as 4 kilo for a large size today and last longer than a 6 kilo alu-framed case before although it may look less stable. For luggage as such the appearance may be different from what you experience. You want to learn more about it? Ask experienced manufacturers. At you find a team and luggage brands with over more than 100 years of history in bag and luggage making. You are welcome to ask us more at all times. Your satisfaction is our business guarantee.


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